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Baba Ogunbayo Aloyinlapa

Baba Ogunbayo was born into the distinguished Aloyinlapa family of Ile Ibapala in Koso, Iseyin township, Oyo state, Nigeria. Baba’s maternal ancestry is the ancient royal Basorun lineage. Baba’s father is the only legitimate holder of the title Aree Elu- King of all Drummers, bestowed upon him by the Alafin of Oyo.

In his infancy, the elders of Baba’s family recognized him as an Ancestor returned. It was said that ‘the little old man had returned carrying Ifa” and that after the drum, Baba would have to immediately enter the grove. Since the age of five, Baba has trained in the ancient ways of Ifa/Orisa. He is trained and fully initiated to the mysteries of Ogun, Ayan Agalu (bata) and Ifa and has expertise in the areas of traditional medicine (ewe orisa),divination, Bata drum and dance, Ijala, Orisa cooking and the making of Orisas. Through cultivation of his Iwa, Baba has also earned membership and responsibilities into the deeper level Yoruba spiritual societies.

Baba has had an exceptional career as a traditional drummer, training since early childhood with members of the National troop of Nigeria. Considered a prodigy by the elders, Baba began at age nine to teach bata drum and dance to others. As master drummers, Baba and his family are requested by spiritual and political dignitaries to play at Orisas temples and festivals throughout Yorubaland. The family has performed internationally in London, Moscow and the US where in 1997 Baba performed solo and was personally saluted by the Ooni of Ife for the power and talent of his bata.

It is Baba’s destiny to continue here in the US dedicating his life to Ifa/Orisas and the establishment and preservation of Abalayenifa. Baba Ogunbayo is an excellent instructor preferring to teach the way he learned- by proverb and experience.

As Baba says- ‘A ki gbe okere kamon didun obe. Isun mo ni la mo se eni’
One must come close to taste the soup. When you move closer, you will know the character better.

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